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LinkIconMycoscience is the official English journal of the Mycological Society of Japan and is issued bimonthly. Members and non-members of the Mycological Society of Japan are encouraged to submit manuscripts for publication in the journal. Mycoscience publishes original research articles (full papers, short communications, and notes) and reviews on various aspects of fungi including yeasts and other organisms that traditionally have been studied by mycologists. The research aspects covered by Mycoscience extend from such purely scientific interests as systematics (taxonomy by traditional methods and systematics by molecular methods), evolution, phylogeny, morphology, ecology, physiology, biochemistry, genetics, and molecular biology, to such agricultural, medical, and industrial applications as pathology (human, animal, and plant), pharmaceuticals, food processing, and other biotechnologies. Also included are new and improved applications of well-established mycological techniques and methods.

No charge for color reproduction in print will be made for the papers whose first author and/or corresponding author are the member (exclusive of the sustaining member) of the Mycological Society of Japan. Detailed informations on Mycoscience (e. g. subscription, authors' instruction, copyright etc) are available at the WEB site for Mycoscience in the publisher (Link to Mycoscience in Elsevier)LinkIcon .

Membership to the Mycological Society of Japan includes a subscription to journal. The membership application form is available at here.

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